So this weekend my hubby didn’t see this metal wagon full of yard debri... leaves and lots of dirt and rocks and smashed it good with his skid loader. We had to get rid of it and he said “there is no way we can lift that in the back of the truck.” It was really heavy. But we gave it a shot and we lifted it with no problem! And then!! My mom... my biggest critic of my weight for ever said to me last night.... “you look good girl.. keep it up” 
So THANK YOU Casey for helping me make a difference!


 I have never actually focused on macros before so this has been eye opening for me. Before I eat anything it makes me question if I really am hungry - which is awesome. It is still a lot of food at times, but eating so much protein has really helped eliminate my stress/boredom snacking because I am so full. Even after 2 weeks of workouts/tracking I can already feel my clothes fitting much better 🙌